Pete Williamson FRAS - "Station Manager & Presenter
Pete is a Freelance Astronomer with 50 years experience in astronomy is working closely with several professional astronomical organisations and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Pete founded The Shropshire Astronomical Society in 1991 and now presents BBC Radio Shropshire Eye on The Sky, has appeared on BBC Midlands Today and has worked with EKR (European Klassik Rock Radio). Pete has run and managed a Radio Station previous to this one and is the Bassist with the rock band Anubis. One of the organisers of 'Solarsphere Astronomy and Music Festival' Pete is attempting to combine the two branches of his profession. SHOWS : THE ROCK SHOW & THE MORNING SHOW
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Bill Leslie - Presenter
Despite a history that includes running his own (now defunct!) rock music website, producing reissues and sleeve notes for bands such as Europe, Trapeze and Little Angels and delivering numerous CD reviews for various online sites Bill joins Astro Radio as a newcomer to the presenters end of a microphone... but after 30 years as a committed record and CD collector its probably time he did something constructive with all that music. His show will take us off the beaten track a bit with two hours of album tracks, deep cuts and obscurities from the world of classic rock.

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Alan Beeston - Presenter
Alan has a very eclectic taste in Music, from Rock to Classical, and finds It all depends on his 'Mood' as to what he likes to play. he is a big Blues/Rock fan, with Bands and Artists from Joe Bonamassa, through Classic stuff, from Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Genesis, playing a big part in his Life. He does not go anywhere without listening to some Music.
He is also trying to give New Artists/Bands, some deserved 'Airplay', and is astounded at the amount, and Quality, of New Music, right on Our 'Doorstep'.


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JD Quenzer FRAS- Presenter & News Room
JD is a student astronomer / planetary scientist and founder of the West Lothian Astronomical Society. He is passionate about space science communication and the promotion of astronomy. On the musical side of things he is a fan of hard rock and metal; black, death, doom, heavy blues, progressive, psychedelic, sludge, stoner, thrash and everything in between and beyond. He is always happy to give lesser known bands a lift.

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John Graves - Presenter
Music has been a major part of John's life since hearing his mum play Please Please Me on her Dansett record player must have been that Eureka moment for him, so moving on to playing music seemed to be a natural progression. he now plays bass with The Lucid Mirrors and Dr Hasbeen. Forming The Zenjen Lighting Experiment was a bonus direction in the music industry and this has now developed into what it is today, stage lighting at many small intimate festivals and tours with The Hawklords and others. "Meeting Pete and him asking us to do radio presenting as Raves From The Graves has now allowed us to inflict our eclectic musical tastes onto others. Relax and enjoy." SHOW : RAVES FROM THE GRAVES

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Keith Reynolds - Presenter
Keith is manager and proprietor of GIG FEST International an organisation responsible for the organisation of Free Festivals within the Oswestry and North Wales Area.
He has worked for many years in the music industry and has worked with bands such as The Stranglers, The Levellers, Mark Radcliff and The Family Mahone in his role as sound engineer.


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Sy Keeler - Presenter
Sy has DJ'd at legendary clubs in and around Bristol across the years and aired shows across the airwaves of the world.
Music Music Music ! he would go mad without it that's for sure. Punk, Metal, Prog, Ambient, and even Trance, if It Rocks his world it gets played. Sy's shows will be of a Prog nature and will be Progtastic.


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Dave Turton - Station Consultant : Presenter
Dave is a presenter with the legendary Radio Caroline and  has worked with many presenters and stations through the years. Dave works behind the scenes with Pete on all things technical and will also be presenting shows with a flavour of classic and new rock, prog and more.


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Stephen Chapman - Astronomical Correspondent.
Originally born in Colchester Essex, Stephen was raised and immediately captivated by stargazing, all the mystery and the wonders that space holds from a young age under the immaculate dark skies of the Mid-Wales Valleys. Now living in Chester, an active committee member and Treasurer for the Chester Astronomical Society and acting as often as possible as a bridge and informal liaison between various societies and institutions hoping to promote resource-sharing among them to further peoples knowledge in the field of astronomy. He is often to be found in the small area within his back garden not in direct view of neighbouring security lights staring upward.

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Steve Hampshire - Consultant : Presenter
Former pirate & hospital radio presenter & producer, Steve turned pro in 1978 and travelled the U.K. in search of a friendly studio and a trick microphone. You’ll have heard old ‘Nuclear Nodes’, on everything from computer games, cartoons, drama, multimedia & trailers to thousands of straight & character productions for local, regional, national radio & tv campaigns. One-time, producer & senior writer, sound designer & creative consultant for many independent radio stations and agencies.
Musical  influences: Rock, metal, gypsy jazz, jazz-rock fusion, world music,  Celtic folk rock & progressive rock.


Emma Wride - Astronomical Correspondent.
Emma is a Space Ambassador for Wales delivering astronomy workshops to schools and public events as part of the Space Made Simple project run by Science Made Simple. Emma tours the country with a state of the art 3D projection system, showing stunning 3D videos of all things astronomy related from meteors to black holes. Emma also delivers projects to schools for the UK Space Agency including the Tim Peake Primary Project. Emma is passionate about inspiring the next generation of Astronomers, Astrophysicists and Astronauts. Emma will give regular updates of her activities and interviews from her astronomer colleagues.

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Martyn Hasbeen - Guest Presenter
Martyn is the organiser of The Sonic Rock Solstice Festival, On Board The Craft Festival and Hastrek. Martyn will present show on an ad hoc basis to promote these festivals, he is also a member of the bands Dr Hasbeen and Captain Roswell & The Lost Alien Tribe.


Jon Wisbey - The Rock Druid
Jon is a self confessed rock nutter. He joined his first band at the age of fifteen and is best known as front man for Bristol space rock outfit Alien Stash Tin. He is an avid record collector and started Djing in his late teens, mainly playing metal and punk sets in pubs and clubs, but was once sacked from a Welsh hospital radio station for playing the Black Sabbath track Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. In 2003 he joined the staff of the now defunct Bristol fm station Radio 19 as their resident rock Dj and then in 2007 moved on to the award winning BCFM  where he still hosts the popular Sunday Rockshow. He has also presented shows on various internet stations including Radio Satan 666 and KOR (Keep On Rocking). His show, The Rock Druid - Extended Play, aims to bring you an eclectic mix of rock in all its guises, from chilled out acoustic folky prog rock to full on hardcore punk and extreme metal and all things in between; mainly focusing on the brand new and bleeding edge of the worlds underground scenes but with goodly smattering of classics and forgotten gems of days gone by thrown in for good measure."
The Backroom Office Staff
Syb Williamson - Co Owner & Manager of all Astro Radio Services.

Syb is Co Owner of Astro Radio along with Pete and is involved in system planning updates and financial control.


Sarah Jane - Marketing Manager & Occasional Presenter.

For all your marketing and advertisement enquiries please contact Sarah.

Katie Leslie - Official Astro Radio Mascot & Assistant.

Katie is a music & astronomy lover, a great supporter of Astro Radio and is the daughter of Rock That Time Forgot Bill Leslie.


MP3PO - the robot that presents Astrobot and Classical Bot.

MP3PO plays out Astrobot and Classicalbot automated music between shows 24/7. No need to feed of pay it as it just keeps going.


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